Life groups

We’d love you to join us for LIFE GROUPS in a 5 week series connecting our Sunday service to our Monday-Saturday lives.

Each week we will be looking at how our Sunday gathering can help our us live our Monday-Saturdays differently as we worship the creator and sustainer of the universe in all that we do.

It isn’t another thing to add to your to-do list. It is a passionate call to allow God to expand our view of worship.

We’ll be running different groups one within the church building meeting weekly in a socially distant manner and others online.

If you’re interested and would like to join please follow the link

Appointments from the Annual Vestry Meeting

At our recent Annual Vestry Meeting which was held on Sunday 4th October the following where appointed to the various position within the parish of Derryvolgie.


Rector’s Church Warden: Jonathon McMurray
Rector’s Glebe Warden: Lynn Perry
People’s Church Warden: Andrew Sproule
People’s Glebe Warden: Stewart Gavin

Select Vestry

Rhona Gavin (Secretary)
Colin McDonald (Treasurer)
Maureen Atcheson
Mark Hassard
Rodney Ingram
Noreen Kavanagh
Mark McDowell
Frank Bailie
David Pedlow
Derek Shuter
Laura Coburn
Jim Hamilton

Diocesan Synod Persons

Stewart Gavin
Derek Shuter
Jonathon McMurray

Parochial Nominators

Stewart Gavin
Noreen Kavanagh
David Pedlow
Andrew Sproule